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Asante name comes from an African language, Swahili origins. The name “Asante” means “Thank you” in English, which is not a biased name. However, Asante also exists in the French language with a similar perspective on its interpretation. In French, the word Asante interprets as good health. We came up with this diverse African name because our long-term goal is to cater our publishing and printing services to everyone across the continent.

As a publishing and printing house, Asante Publishers is forward-thinking and innovative in its approach. We were established in November 2017 to provide a platform for young black writers who want their work published. Our focus is on black authors who genuinely understand and are passionate about the literature fraternity. Our company is a level 1 BBBEE contributor.

Being 100% black-owned and managed by two young males, this business personifies new thinking and innovative ideas. We aim to bring professionalism to all our clients with our exceptional services. We have this core value at the centre of all aspects of the business when interacting with our clients.

We have worked with authors that have been awarded the following accolades:

The Book Behind Award Nominees
4th Annual African Print Author’s And Poetry Awards Nominees
5th African Honoree Author’s Awards 2022 Nominees

our mandate and vision


Asante Publishers’ mandate is to transform and grow South African authors and make publishing all-inclusive to every South African.


Asante Publishers’ vision is to become one of South Africa’s leading publishing houses, helping black authors and bringing dignity and professionalism to the literature field.

our mission and goals

mission and goal

Asante Publishers’ mission is to activate the significance of dreams in young black writers and assemble a platform for them to take off in the direction of their dreams. Our goals reflect the overall values and vision of the company whilst looking for ways to impact young writers with tremendous expertise in this industry. In addition, we aim to change the publishing fraternity as young authors and people in business. The organization’s entire plan is to create employment opportunities for unemployed graduates and expand its services to other parts of the country, hoping to make a difference in our beloved nation.

The advantage

technology based

The advantage of working with Asante Publishers is that they are up to date with publishing industry changes as they are a company that strives for continuous excellence. They want to make an impact in our South African literature. In addition, the technological method they use for publishing is second to none. We welcome anyone dedicated to telling stories in line with this company’s values to take advantage of this.

lifetime benefits

As the client, you get a certain percentage from selling your work without paying anything. The client receives 100% of his book profits and manages sales of their books without the company’s involvement. There are no contractual agreements.

As the client, you are charged only for the work requested for you and have an opinion on every decision they take.

Excellent staff members

The staff go the extra mile, are team-orientated, and always proactive. They always take the initiative to get the job done in the best possible way, following industry best practices. They also work irregular hours to meet the set target.

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